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Jean7 started this conversation
I just now found this site and think it's great to have someplace to go when you need help. My mom passed away suddenly last year and the loss left me devastated and shattered. This year has been one of PROFOUND grief, sorrow, and mental anguish. As a result I was no longer able to function as a customer service rep in a call center and had to quit my job. I am presently looking for a job that will keep my mind quieter, i,e. medical claims processing. I am quite sure I will be working somewhere next month, but until then I DESPARATELY need $3800.00 to pay two months rent and bring my utilities up to date. If anyone can help, I would GREATLY appreciate it! I need the money asap, like yesterday. My manager gave me until the 13th to pay December's rent. I've already received an eviction notice. Please help if you can. Thank you so very much!!!!! 
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This is a parent that is in dire need of assistance.
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i know that every body got their own situation but, i have a full time job, yes i dot Thanks God for that but my pay check has been garnished due to student loan... my check is very small, and i cant complete with my rent and that accumulates and now i have a debt of 3 months plus late fee $847. x 3 and the late fee the total is almost $3000. and i am a very hard worker woman, single. no time for fool around. just home work work home, no lovers or another income.... looking for every night time shift, but not yet , still applying, cus i dont want to have this problem again or anybody else suffer this stresssss!!! please somebody anybody! i really dont want my stuff b put out... it is not fair, i really work hard har hard and i willing to fix whatever need t be fix,, just want to pay this and find out how can i or them lower my rent..plspls plspls i have an account number: Eunice Mir Bank of America checking account #4460 2395 0267... i know it has to be somebody outthere that could spare 3K or offer me a loan and i will pay slowly according to my income which is the lowest in the world i guess.... please let me know....thank you sooo much!!!!

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Like many others, I am in need of assistance also. I have 3 children and facing an eviction. I have a full time job and go to school in the evening. As of the month of may, I started to fall behind in rent due to the fact that my job does not offer overtime anymore. Doing overtime was my way of getting my bills paid. I have noone to turn to for help. My dad was the only one I could count on. He is deceased now. My mom side of the family is of no help due to substance abuse. My dad side of the family is located in north carolina and mostly all deceased. I to went to social service for assistance. The kids father is of no help or paying support for the children. I am past due for june rent and late becoming past due for july. If anyone has some supportive advise or offering of assistance, it would be greatly appreciated
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 in response to fightagainstfleasanddisease...   


Welcome here

If not too late go to doctor about the fall. Of course he didn't want you to go. It could result in action against t him. It could have been something with the property.

Always best to look at previous posts of people as I posted this earlier.

Good luck

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 in response to youngmother15...   I understand what you are going through. My situation is similar. I am a recent graduate, 51, single, PTSD, severe depression, very little money. The only thing my landlord has done is collect the entire 3 years I have lived here. I have sprayed for roaches every day since I have been here. Fleas have chewed me and my son (who came to visit) up. I have not been able to pay the rent this month and an eviction notice has been filed. I do not know where I am going to get the money. I fell down the steps here and injured my back and knees. The landlord told me not to even go the ER because they were only going to give me aa ace band and antiobiotics. I hate where I live and have a huge resentment against my landlord and am in so much pain. I do not know where to go for help.
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I am a young single mother of my beautiful 5 year old daughter and i also take care of my mother financially due to her chronic health issues. We have hit rock bottom and need help now!!! We just received a 7day eviction notice, if we don't have the money by then, then we can no longer live here and we literally have nowhere else to go. I lost my job back in December due to some health issues i was dealing with at the time. I am better now though and ready and willing to work. I have been filling out apps and i go in for an interview on Monday, but i need money like now!!! I just don't know what to do and im freaking out!!!!
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Please comfort Jean in her grief.  Please provide for her financial needs.  Amen,

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